Any Industry, Any Niche
Get your Appointments Scheduled the Easy Way

Salon & Spa

Beautify your clients’ world without involved hassles. Orderly registrations, aligned manpower, categorized services, scheduled bookings & a lot more.

  • You satisfy your customers & our software will assist you in your in-stores chores & activities.

  • Streamline your services, staff, and schedules, timely and easily.

  • Wedding season rush or mass appointments, a solitary system takes over everything without burnout.

Offering Health services to Fitness Freaks?

Stay focused on your client and keep away from last-minute cancellations, rogue payments, and endless phone bookings.

  • Quick & nimble Software Scheduling for Gym Management. Flexible Schedules, Easy-To-Use-System, Happy Clients.

  • Yoga classes, online sessions, commute times, last-minute plan changes, run all within limited clicks.

Professional Services

Is your sensitive client/customer data all over the place?

We’ve got you covered with a powerful data management system.

  • Your responsibilities of managing schedules & client details are shared in an easy-going manner.

  • Freelancers’ emails & appointments managed back and forth with in-built software functionality.

  • Digital calendar & dynamic schedules, accessed smoothly and handled sweat-free.

  • More than standard post-its & spreadsheets to ease managing your clients' cases.


Unlock ease with affordable scheduling solutions to hoist your clinical & medical practices. Get too many hands to manage appointments & schedules via a single software

  • Let all essential business activities be overseen by the scheduling assistant.

  • Concentrate on Patients, Manage your Practice & Offer Best Services without stress.

  • Phone appointments & walk-ins, not just enough! Expand your realm by employing others.

  • Eliminate manual snags via an automated scheduler & acquire more clients effortlessly.

Real Estate

Any property type you represent, our e-software will maintain its availability, organize clients, schedule appointments, resort bookings, send reservation reminders, all from one place.

  • Convenient bookings, bed & breakfast! Our tool is a robust back end for your front desk.

  • While you add a picture to your property, we’ll keep you covered with managed resources & streamlined tasks.

  • Wanna rent convention centers or meeting rooms? Rely on an ideal booking software solution.

Key Benefits of ShedulR

  • Showcase Your Offerings

    Offerings are portrayed with a clear picture of your online/offline services, deals, and offers & all other mandatory features without much intervention.

  • Keep Calendars Synchronized

    Sync appointments, call, or even meetings, reliably with secure integration with popular schedulers.

  • Manage Booking On-the-Go

    Get access to all your upcoming, pending, & completed bookings all the way from a smartphone. (Made available for both admin & the entire team.)

One Software. Multiple Areas of Application

An Ideal tool you need to run your On-Demand Business.

Manage Bookings On the Go

Get your fingers on trial and orchestrate all your upcoming, pending, and completed bookings in a matter of a few seconds. Available for the admin and the whole team.


Select Date and Time

Select a preferred date for your service()s, and choose a stipulated time-slot as well.


Review and Confirm

Review your selections about Services and Date & Time.

Select an employee of your choice for each service or set to ‘No Preference’ to allow us to give you the best experience.

Check the total duration of your appointment along with the sum to pay. Apply the available offers to get a discount.



Choose any payment mode between Cash and Online Payments.

Online Payment can be processed through the means of PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards.


Appointment Submitted

Check the confirmation about submission of your request along with your payment (if done online).

You can go to the Appointment section & check the status of your appointment.



Land up to a stop to see your earning, reports, number of users, total orders and growth.



Analyze your Past and Upcoming services for the current month with an ability to move to next / previous months.


Employee List & Add Employee

The segment shows all the Employees and gives easy access to admin to Update Existing and Add New Employees in the listicle.


Booking List

The page shows the list of all the bookings where the Admin will be able to act on the Bookings like - Accept / Reject, Complete, Cancel etc.

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